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Asaf Toker

Asaf Toker

A whole new trip planning concept. We developed a game changer in travel planning using an interactive video-based trip planner. The new trip-planning concept is very simple. Instead of reading material (in books or websites) on your destination, you can watch videos on your destination and every time you see a point of interest that you wish to visit, you just punch the screen and add this POI to your trip plan. When you finish selecting your POIs, the system plans the best route for your trip and then enables you to book your flights, hotels and other reservations. You can then download your full itinerary and a movie on your planned trip. GoBeenThere technology is based on an intelligent machine learning system (under patent registration) that automatically tags videos based on image analysis (Deep Learning) and uses artificial intelligence in the video selection and recommendation algorithm. On each POI our system automatically collects basic info, travelers reviews, photos and location on the map. The system is highly scalable and it only takes us few days to upload a city.


Born here (Soroka class of 1972), live here, work here, LOVE the place.