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Nadine Bdil

Nadine Bdil

“Accessible?” is a platform for accessibility information where a business, service or event can create a statement – which is mandatory in Israel. Subsequently, the entity can be searched by Accessible? users (i.e. people with disabilities) by name, location, category, distance, or activity. The search results in a map or list, with ratings according to the user’s predetermined accessibility profile and featuring only relevant information with pictures. For business, services, and events “Accessible?” will make accessibility information readily available. “Accessible?” is a one-stop-shop for accessibility services; adding value to businesses, cities, and clients. Accessibility brings more customers, higher income, and better service leaving all players better off. Integrated beacon options add a marketing layer for the entity and guide people who are blind, or people with orientation difficulties, safely to their destination. “Accessible?” will be the first universal, multi-lingual, trans-border tool. The platform will incorporate UI/UX, and cover the broad spectrum of accessibility-users: parents with strollers and young children, people with disabilities, and elderly people. Hitting all of these demographics adds a ton of value to both business entities and people who would otherwise be excluded. Additionally, the app will make a huge social impact on the empowerment, inclusion, and independence of hundreds of millions of accessibility-users worldwide, “Accessible?” will create meaningful employment possibilities for people with disabilities and for people living in Israel’s southern periphery.


Well, Arava. I can happily see my kids growing up in Grofit, the Kibbutz we live in. My husband runs several businesses in Eilat that reach all over southern Israel and we are here to stay. "The 6th Sense" was established with the purpose of creating accessible vacations and only shifted in April 2015 to creating the platform we are currently building.