Tech7 Juniors is a branch of the greater Tech7 community in Be’er-Sheba, launched the activity in Sept. 2016. From the wheel to Mars, the progress of humankind is based on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology entwined with values. We follow the same route in the Hi-Tech and Cyber era.
Tech7 Juniors aims to spread the idea of innovation as a way of life amongst teenagers in the geographic periphery. “Yes we can” is a notion that any restless youngster with a little bit of creativity, wits, and drive can find fellow youngsters who want to pursue innovation as a way of life. In Tech7 Juniors they can find a home for ideas, contacts, inspiration and more.

In our vision, Tech7 Juniors is the first milestone in the journey

High School

Exposing young minds to new technologies and entrepreneurship while constantly encouraging innovative thinking

IDF Technological units

Upon joining the army, Tech7 Juniors continue their journey for knowledge through events oriented to the army audience

Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Those who wish to acquire academic education can continue the Tech7 path through Starter, the entrepreneurial students community, facilitated by Tech7

Hi-Tech Industry

After acquiring the degree, we welcome new members to Tech7 community and assist in gaining tools and networking

We call on youngsters from the south of Israel to join us on this journey of innovation


Who we are

The Juniors leader Gal Hever is an Industrial Engineer involved in her own startup dealing with Virtual Reality , studying for her Masters degree in Data Science.  Events manager, Jonathan Hazan, a youngster preparing for University studies in software engineering. The young and enthusiastic activists of tech7 community


Our Achievements

In the first academic year we already have dozens of youngsters involved in our program.

5 short technological courses and workshops

4 tours and in startup companies in Be’er-Sheba.

2 meetups with local entrepreneurs

1 Hakathon


Our Values

Social change


Opportunity and chance

Closing the gap between center and periphery in Israel

Our Way

Voluntary work

Free activities

What Makes Us unique

young environment

enthusiastic presenters – startup people

none official easygoing atmosphere

no tests no hoemwork

peer to peer courses